Monday, January 9, 2012

New Hampshire Speaks!

Well, I have been watching the news from New Hampshire almost nonstop since the very close finish in Iowa, and I guess it's time to make a few comments and a prediction.

It seems to me that Mitt Romney's magic word is "electability." While there isn't much enthusiasm about him in the Republican Party, people believe he can beat Barack Obama. And it seems to me that Ron Paul's key word is "consistency." You may not like his philosophy, but it is consistent and always goes back to his belief in the Constitution. However, his opponents and the media want to make his key word "non-electability." They point out that he is a bit quirky, and say that he can't beat Obama. And then, there is Jon Huntsman. His defining word is "civility." He says, rightly, that people are tried of the polarization and partisan squabbling, and they want someone who can get beyond it. This is especially true of the Independents, and there are a lot of them in New Hampshire.

I could go on, but I focused on these candidates because I think they will finish 1-2-3, with Huntsman a surprisingly strong third. I think it might be something like Romney 33 percent, Paul 21 percent, and Huntsman 20 percent. And Huntsman will do well, again, because of the Independents.

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